High Net worth or complex divorce

High net worth or other complex divorce cases require the careful attention of a skilled attorney.  A small difference in the method by which a business value is calculated can result in thousands, if not millions of dollars of difference in the end value which has to be paid to the other spouse.

Keith Berkshire has worked extensively with a multitude of valuation experts, tax experts, forensic accountants and other financial experts, and has the experience necessary to maximize the result in your case.   Keith has handled business valuations in excess of $50,000,000.00 and knows how to achieve the best result for his clients.

Beyond business valuations, Keith has worked with other experts in areas such as legal decision-making (custody) evaluations, psychological evaluations, real estate appraisals, tax issues, and retirement division.  Complex cases require precise and knowledgeable representation, and are not an area to be dealt with by the inexperienced.