In Arizona, attorney's fees are available in many cases, under various statutes, and under various Family Law Rules.  There are two common scenarios that warrant an award of attorney’s fees in family law mattes.  First, the court is likely to grant attorney’s fees when there is a disparity in resources.  This does not necessarily mean a disparity in income, as it includes all of the resources of the parties.  To qualify for consideration, a spouse must establish only some level of financial disparity; i.e., that he or she is financially poorer than the other spouse, not that he or she is actually poor.  Magee v. Magee, 206 Ariz. 589 (App. 2004).  Second, a court is likely to award attorney's fees  if a party takes an unreasonable position when looked at under an objective standard.  The newest version of A.R.S. § 25-324 also mandates that the Court award attorney's fees in any case where a petition is filed in bad faith.

 We can assist you in obtaining attorney's fees to litigate your case if you qualify, or to defend against claims of attorney's fees.